NOTICE: This is the last year of the Letters From The Sea Tower, and the Past Letters Archive will be closing in December 2022 to make space for a new phase of creative work. Inventory for the past letters is limited and several of them have already sold out, so order soon if you have your heart set on specific ones!


In addition to regularly publishing poetry in literary magazines and journals, I sometimes try to cram the unbearable weight of crushing current events into tiny poems I don't intend to send off to any publications but just share directly to my social media pages. I don't know if you're like me, but I'm a fussy writer: I can quibble with a poem of moderate length for a good ten hours before I call it finished. I writhe in hand-to-hand combat with every em-dash and comma. But the planet doesn't slow its spinning for me, and sometimes I just have to, well, spit it out. That's Tiny Poem Time. Writing them steadies me in the face of destabilizing angst. To me, the world appears to be burning around us at a faster rate every year. Poetry alone will not save this planet, but writing it may save our lives. Anyway, here's a little gallery of recent Tiny Poems, organized by the year they were written. (If you're viewing this page on mobile, you can expand the text size by pinching to zoom.)

2022 Tiny Poems

2021 Tiny Poems