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Photo shows five gouache seascapes in floater frames resting in a lightbox next to a DSLR camera.

When will my order be shipped?

Unless otherwise noted on the listing page, I am typically able to ship prints within 2-4 business days and original paintings within a week. But please do understand that everything shipped from my studio is prepared and packaged by me individually, and that unforeseen delays caused by illness or family emergencies can sometimes arise. If you need your order shipped quickly in order to gift it or use it for an specific event, please drop me a line via the Contact Form to let me know and I will do post it as promptly as I can. If I am traveling or for some other reason temporarily unable to ship items within my standard time frame, a shipping delay announcement banner will usually appear on my homepage.  

The Letters From The Sea Tower are typically shipped to current subscribers between the 15th and 25th of each month. If you place a letter order after the 25th, it will be shipped within one week of your purchase date. 

What is the quality of your fine art prints?

Quality is paramount for me in the production of art prints. I often spend weeks color-correcting my prints, inspecting proofs, and placing multiple test orders with my print shop before I'm satisfied I've come up with a print that accurately presents the appearance and spirit of my original painting. All my art prints are printed with light-fast inks on archival certified paper by a small print company that specializes in giclée reproductions of fine art. 

I want to order one of your fine art prints in a different size or with/without a white border. Is that possible? 

The short answer: Yes! I don't print my artwork at larger sizes than the original pieces since this magnification can introduce blur and enlarge imperfections. However, within these parameters, I can usually customize prints to your specific needs. I can, for example, add or remove borders, and crop prints to non-standard sizes.  There will be a $10 customization charge for the extra work involved, and it may take up to three weeks for your customized print to be shipped, since I will have to get it back from my printer before I can inspect, sign, package, and send it on to you. To reach out about a custom print request, you can use the Contact Form here.

Please note that I currently do not paint larger than 8x10 and thus cannot accommodate requests for print sizes larger than 8x10, although I can add a one-inch white border to an 8x10 such that the final print-out is 10x12, including the border.

Some prints, such as my gouache miniatures, are already printed at the maximum size and cannot be enlarged or printed without borders.

What if I live outside the United States? 

From the beginning, it's been very important to me to make sure that the Letters From The Sea Tower are available internationally with no additional shipping charges, and I'm happy to be able to let you know that you can get the letters (with free shipping) in every country the USPS ships to!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to offer free international shipping for fine art prints since it costs me a minimum of $16 in shipping charges to send even one print outside the US. However, international shipping IS available for my fine art prints (The shipping charges will be calculated when you check out.) If you order several prints from my shop and I'm able to ship them all together, I will refund you any shipping overages as soon as I've packaged your items and printed the label.

If you would like to have one of my original paintings shipped outside the United States, simply contact me via the Contact Form and I will be happy to arrange the shipping details with you! Please note that shipping original artwork internationally can be quite expensive and buyers are also responsible for any customs fees and duties that may arise. 

What is your return and exchange policy?

I do accept returns, but buyers are responsible for return shipping costs and any loss in value if the item is not returned in its original condition. Original artwork must be shipped back with adequate insurance to cover the value of the item, and do be aware that shipping original artwork safely is both costly and somewhat involved. Please contact me within 14 days of delivery and ship items back within 30 days of delivery.

Please note that unless they arrive damaged or defective, custom orders, sale items, and the Letters From The Sea Tower cannot be returned due to the nature of these items. 

I don't accept exchanges or cancellations, but I hope you won't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems with your order. It's important to me that your experience with my shop is nothing short of a delight and I will do my utmost to resolve any issues to your satisfaction. 

How can I find out what other customers are saying about their experiences with your shop? 

To read customer reviews, simply click the sliding REVIEWS button located on the left-hand side of any page in my shop. The widget will pop out to display recent reviews from customers, and will also allow you to leave a review of your own! Your reviews are so helpful to me and I read and appreciate every single one of them.

Questions About The Letters From The Sea Tower

What if I want to order the Letters From The Sea Tower as a gift for someone else? 

How lovely of you! To make sure this process goes smoothly and that your recipient gets the perfect surprise you've planned for them, please read these brief guidelines: 

When placing an order that is intended to be a gift for someone else, it is important that you send me a note (or include it during the checkout process) indicating that the order is a gift and letting me know whether you'd like your recipient to be notified that it comes from you or would prefer it to be shipped as an "anonymous gift." If you do not indicate in writing that it is a gift, I will assume no explanatory note is needed and will simply ship the letter to the name and address appearing in the "shipping address" segment of your order. 

How long will it take for me to receive my letter?

Because the Letters From The Sea Tower are shipped as first-class mail using vintage postage stamps, I cannot track them once they are posted and I am not able to provide status updates. I have found that the letters I ship to United States addresses usually arrive within a week or two, and those shipped internationally typically arrive within two to four weeks. However, longer delays do occasionally occur. If your letter doesn't arrive within a standard time frame for your location, simply contact me and I will happily resend it to you.

How can I cancel or change my subscription to the Letters From The Sea Tower?

If you created an account during checkout, you can cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your account dashboard. From here, you can also change your shipping address or skip a month. If you did not create an account during checkout and checked out as a guest instead, you will need to contact me in order to cancel or change your subscription.