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Poetry Publications


"What St Brigid Did" (The Weaver)
"What Pandora Did" (The Weaver)
"What Ophelia Did" (-ette Review)
"What Audrey One Did" (-ette Review)
"She's Got the Whole World in Her Hands" (The MacGuffin)
"What Guinevere Did" (The MacGuffin)
"What Delilah Did" (The MacGuffin)
"What Anne Brontë Did" (The MacGuffin)
"What Noah's Wife Did" (Thimble Lit Mag
"Progress" (Arboreal)
"Man's Search For Meaning" (Reunion: The Dallas Review)


"Pet Hates" (Barrelhouse)

"Poem For Whichever Of Us Is Left" (Potomac Review, Issue 74)

"King's Cross Station" (Funicular Magazine)


"Jesus Sleeping" (Mount Hope Magazine)
"Not a Man" (Mount Hope Magazine)

"what happened before the good sex" (Writers Resist)

"Dear Anne" (Raleigh Review, 2023 Geri DiGiorno Prize Finalist, Fall 2023 Issue)
"Turning Thirty" (Raleigh Review, 2023 Geri DiGiorno Prize Finalist, Fall 2023 Issue)

"This Poem is Thirty" (Pile Press, No. 07)
"So long to the ladycage" (Pile Press, No. 07)

"Lament For Our Grandmothers" (Little Patuxent Review, Issue 34)

"Second Thing" (SWWIM Every Day, June 12)

"Beach Days in Off-Season" (Welter Journal, Spring 2023)

"when I type 'what happens' Google suggests 'when you die'" (Plainsongs, Volume 43, Issue 2)

"On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 a Lot of People are Saying Never Forget" (Poetry Northwest, Volume XVII, Issue 2)

"End Time" (Kitchen Table Quarterly, issue xxiii.ii)


"Lovesong with the Patriarchy Receding in the Distance" (Funicular Magazine, Issue 10)

"write a poem about coffee" (Red Lemon Review, Issue 6)

"Two Stories" (Midwest QuarterlyEdition 63.3)

"Summer of the Oystercatchers" (Iron Horse Literary Review, Winner of the 2022 NaPoMo Competition)

"Reindeer Cyclones" (Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol. 24 Ed. 1)
"Pulling Teeth" (Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol. 24 Ed. 1)
"Roofless" (Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol. 24 Ed. 1)


"Jackals" (Delmarva Review, Volume 14)

"Nightingale" (Black Fox Literary Magazine, Issue 21)
"Baby Girls" (Black Fox Literary Magazine, Issue 21)

"10 Things I Learned In The '10s" (Pensive Journal, Issue 3

"Sure There's a God" (SAND Journal, Issue 23)

"Collage of Airports" (DIALOGIST, 01 October 2021)

"The Table" (The Windhover, Volume 25.2) 

"On Not Losing You After All" (The Christian Century)

"Three Things You Need To Get Through a Plague" (Sweet Tree Review)

"Wilfredo Speaks" (Sweet Tree Review)

"Kabul Airport" (read by Heidi White for The Daily Poem podcast)

"Wherever You Go Someone Has Been There Already" (Juke Joint, Issue 14)

"Manifesto on the Lifting of a Lockdown" (Cultivating, Summer 2021)

"Vibrant Photos That Show What The Middle East Is Really Like" (The Dillydoun Review, Issue 5)

"The Lizard King" (ellipsis...literature and art, Vol. 57)
"At Last I Have It Out With France" (ellipsis...literature and art, Vol. 57)

"Campus East" (Sheila-Na-Gig Online)
"Kukla Kebap" (Sheila-Na-Gig Online)

"Alterations" (The Mark Literary Review, June 2021)

"The Mandalina Tree" (Bracken, Issue VIII)

"Sleet" (The Christian Century, 01 March 2021) 

"Aşure (Noah’s Pudding)" (Chestnut Review, Winter 2021)


"Free Pears" (Blue Earth Review, Issue 25)

"Astronauts in Denmark" (Beloit Poetry Journal, Vol. 70 No. 2)

"Sassafras" (Cultivating, Autumn 2020)

"Belen Köy" (Red Rock Review, Issue 45) 

"Annie" (Silk + Smoke, Issue 2) 

"An Ode to Everything" (The Sunlight Press, 29 September 2020)

"Flipper" (8 Poems, August 2020)

"On The Cusp of the Pandemic(The Christian Century, 01 June 2020) 

"The Club of Imaginary Friends" (The Mark Literary Review, May 2020)

"Look" (Dust Poetry, 23 March 2020)

"The Multi-Faceted Gem of Forgiveness Catches the Light" (Fathom Mag, 27 January 2020)


"Angry Dads" (Cultivating, 10 December 2019)

"Flourish: A Spencerian Definition" (Cultivating, 22 June 2019)

"What Is Meant By The Land" (Foundling House, 13 May 2019)

"Hotel Window" (The Ekphrastic Review, 15 February 2019)


"Furnace Backstory" (Utmost Christian Poetry Contest, 2018)


"Autobiography of the World" (The Corral Literary Journal, 2017)


"We Should Talk More About The Country" (Utmost Christian Poetry Contest, 2015)


"The Cave" (Utmost Christian Poetry Contest, 2013)

"Dénouement" (Dappled Things, Vol. 8 Issue 4)
"Orders For Emissaries" (Dappled Things, Vol. 8 Issue 4)

"Fourteen Reasons Not To Jump" (Ruminate Magazine, Issue 29)

"Call To Arms" (Grey Sparrow Journal, Fall 2013)
"In Confidence" (Grey Sparrow Journal, Fall 2013)
"What Hannah Said" (Grey Sparrow Journal, Fall 2013)


"When This Is Over" (Emerge Literary Journal, Issue 3)

"Resurrection" (Time of Singing, 2012)

"Sonnets For The Not-Dead Yet" (The Mayo Review, Spring 2012)

"Mulberry Gap" (Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Prizes, 2012)
"From Outside" (Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Prizes, 2012)

"Nevertheless Come Autumn" (The Montucky Review, 30 March 2012)

"Superlative" (Quantum Poetry Magazine, 20 March 2012)

"About-Face" (The Adroit Journal, Issue Four)

Bryana's full-length poetry collection of juvenilia (Having Decided To Stay, 2012) is available here.


"Fairy-Tale" (The Boston Literary Magazine, Winter 2011)

Other Publications

"Interview With Iron Horse Literary Review" (IHLR NaPoMo Issue 2022)
"The Story of Dishestown" (Cultivating, Spring 2021)
"If We Have Understood Noble Things" (Commonplace Quarterly, Vol. 3 Issue 1)
"God In Our Goodbyes(Cultivating, Winter 2020)
"My Favorite Day" (Cultivating, Autumn 2020)
"Comedy and Tragedy in the Not-Right World" (Cultivating, Summer 2020)
"Joy Too Can Be An Act Of Resistance" (Cultivating, Spring 2020)
"Letting Go of Righteousness" (Cultivating, Autumn 2019)
"Why We Need Dismal Poems About Death and Maggots(Cultivating, Spring 2019)
"Interview With Bryana Joy" (Cultivating, Spring 2019)
"The Stag Who Lived Forever" (Story Warren, 25 April 2014)
"The War From Where We Are" (Story Warren, 13 May 2013)