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I think the creative drive that powers (and haunts) writers and artists in all mediums is a need to tell our stories. Time is unfolding its wrinkled heart around us. Wonderful and terrible things are happening nearly every day—things of which we feel we must make some sense. And so we do it in the only ways we know how: We write poems about the humiliations of middle school or that concert where we broke up with a college boyfriend. We throw clay or whittle small figures out of driftwood. We learn to sing for our church choir or start a punk-rock garage band. We slosh paint onto canvases or pebbles or seashells. But however we express it, our objectives are, I think, mostly the same: we want—no, need—to work through our vision of the world, to share it with someone else who can tell us, “Yes, I see it too.” We need to tell our stories.

I’m a firm believer that this story-telling drive is not the special province of a select few “creatives," but rather a key part of the human experienceand I’m passionate about helping people gain the confidence to tap into that (often long-dormant) expressive part of themselves.

With that goal in mind, I’ve started putting together a little collection of free resources to get you moving on the projects you really care about. I’ve been writing and painting on a full-time basis since 2018, and I’m excited to share some of the tips, practices, and techniques I’ve found useful to my development as a published writer and a visual storyteller. The resource library is completely free, but if what I'm writing is useful to you, I hope you'll consider subscribing to my newsletter over on the homepage. This will get you first access to new material, and ensure you don't miss out on the resources I'm continuing to create. And it will be really, really meaningful to me to have earned access to your inbox, and I will smile so big and do my best to make it worth your while. 

Current Library Titles

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5 Poetry Prompts to Help You Start Telling Your Stories
5 Watercolor Tips For When You're Getting SOOOO Frustrated

A Note About Affiliate Marketing

In the guides I write for the Free Resource Library, I try to include links wherever possible to websites where you can purchase the poetry collections, writing resources, and art supplies I recommend based on my own experiences. Because I purchase most of my art supplies directly from the Blick Art Materials website, I decided to partner with them as an affiliate. This means that if you purchase something from Blick using the links I include in my articles, I’ll receive a small commission on the purchase. I also use Amazon affiliate links for book recommendations, since I know most people purchase books using Amazon. You will not be charged extra for using my links, and I’ll never recommend a product or book I haven’t used or read myself without clearly specifying that’s the case.