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"Mandalina Study in Gouache" (Original Sketch)
"Mandalina Study in Gouache" (Original Sketch)

"Mandalina Study in Gouache" (Original Sketch)

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Gouache study on hot-pressed professional-grade 100% cotton watercolor paper measuring approximately 4x6 inches. Signed and labelled by the artist in the bottom margin. Ships for free within the United States. This is an unframed original painting, not a print.

Gouache is a water-based medium. This means any direct exposure to water will cause gouache paint to reactivate, resulting in smears and damage to your piece. When you remove this gouache sketch from the plastic sleeve that protects it during shipping, please handle it with great care and always display it behind glass, plastic, or another waterproof surface.

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The artist retains all copyrights.