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"Boxed In" (Framed Original Acryla Gouache Soulscape)
"Boxed In" (Framed Original Acryla Gouache Soulscape)
"Boxed In" (Framed Original Acryla Gouache Soulscape)
"Boxed In" (Framed Original Acryla Gouache Soulscape)

"Boxed In" (Framed Original Acryla Gouache Soulscape)

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About This Painting
When I try to define, describe, or in any way come to terms with what it means to inhabit the world as a woman, the first thing that comes into my mind is nearly always the sense of mandated silence; of being muzzled; of having, so to speak, no mouth to speak of. Women’s silence on the subject of ourselves is essential for patriarchy to exist, because the myths that uphold patriarchy cannot survive the true stories of our lives.  But not being allowed to tell our stories—or being disbelieved and scorned when we do so—is incompatible with good mental health. It can lead us to doubt our own reality and to feel like a caged and crazy animal. In this painting, I wanted to convey that “boxed in” experience that continues to be an excruciating reality for so many women around the world—especially, but by no means exclusively, in religious communities where the Divine is presented as male and women are expected to fill only supportive roles. The box in the painting represents the socially, mentally, and spiritually cramped spaces women are often squeezed into even though we are far too big, complex, and fully human to fit into them. But my character, although she cannot speak and does not, perhaps, know how to actively resist the soul-sucking oppression of her environment, still holds the Candle of Hopes within her place of confinement, and clings to her belief in her personhood. 

About This Listing

This is a 6x6 acryla gouache painting completed on professional-grade watercolor paper mounted to a cradled wooden panel. The painting has been lovingly treated with a three-step varnishing process consisting of a workable spray varnish, an isolation coat, and two coats of UV-resistant gloss varnish. The basswood panel has been sealed with buffed finishing wax to increase its longevity, and a signed label affixed to the back of the panel certifies its authenticity and specifications. The painting has already been framed by the artist in a hardwood floater frame and comes ready to hang! Including the frame, the full dimensions of this piece are just under 7x7x2 inches.

I do my very best to make sure my scans and photographs provide accurate representations of my artwork, but please do be aware that due to monitor differences the colors you see on your screen may vary slightly from the way the colors appear in person. 

This painting ships for free within the United States. To arrange international shipping, please reach out to me via the contact form with information about the piece you'd like to purchase and where you need it shipped to. (Please note that international shipping for framed original artwork can be quite pricey, and you will be responsible for any customs fee or import taxes that may arise.)

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