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Poetry Feedback

Poetry Feedback

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Writing can be an awfully lonely pursuit. It's mostly done solo—in a library or coffeeshop where no one knows us; in the late or early hours when the house finally hushes; in a spiral carried into the birdfull woods. But the process of putting our thoughts on paper is only half the cycle we're looking to complete when we take up our pens or laptops. In order for our writing to fulfill its purpose, we need it to be read. And more often than not, we need it be read by a critical eye that can tell us where it soars and where it perhaps falls short of its bright potential. More often than not, we need an outside ear to listen to the music on our pages and help us finetune each note so we can get the piece ready to startle a whole room. 

Maybe you're not ready to sign up for a poetry workshop, but you're eager to get some honest, well-informed feedback on your poetry so you have a better sense for where to focus your writing and revising energy. Maybe you feel stuck—you know your poetry isn't as good as it could be, but you have no idea how to get started revising it. Or maybe you've been writing for a long time now and you're thinking about submitting your poetry for publication to a literary journal you admire, but you want some help polishing it first. 

When you order this listing, I will be in touch with you via email to invite you to send me your poetry and to then offer comments and constructive criticism. (Please be sure to enter your email address when you order, or I won't be able to reach you!) I'll let you know how I read your poem(s)what hit me, what wowed me, and some suggestions for how I feel your piece(s) could be stronger. If you'd like to arrange an audio/video consultation with me rather than an email response, simply select that option from the dropdown menu, and I will be in touch with some suggested meeting times. All meetings will be conducted via Zoom.

[Click here to learn more about my background in poetry, or to read some of my published work.]