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Past Letters Bundle [7 through 12 of the Letters From The Sea Tower]
Past Letters Bundle [7 through 12 of the Letters From The Sea Tower]
Past Letters Bundle [7 through 12 of the Letters From The Sea Tower]
Past Letters Bundle [7 through 12 of the Letters From The Sea Tower]
Past Letters Bundle [7 through 12 of the Letters From The Sea Tower]

Past Letters Bundle [7 through 12 of the Letters From The Sea Tower]

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About This Listing
This listing will allow you to purchase six months of past Letters From The Sea Tower at a discounted rate so you can catch up on all of these artistic and literary treasures from the first year of production. The letters included in this bundle were written and painted by me between July and December of 2019. The bundle includes the following letters:

  • The Intro Letter: featuring J.R.R. Tolkien's Sea Tower allegory
  • Letter #7: Great Expectations
  • Letter #8: Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Recuerdo"
  • Letter #9: Anton Chekhov and Imagination as Love
  • Letter #10: Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
  • Letter #11: Hamlet and Forgiveness
  • Letter #12: Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory"

    When you checkout, you'll notice that there are two different options for receiving your bundle. If you select all together in one mailer, you'll save $8 by minimizing the packaging and handling costs. If you select each letter shipped separately in an epic envelope, you'll be paying a little more to have your letters shipped in six different envelopes with beautiful vintage postage stamps on each one. They will all be shipped at the same time, but you can open them whenever you want. 

    Personalization: Please note that I personalize each of the Letters From The Sea Tower by hand with the name of the recipient. If you do not specify a name for personalization, I will address the letter to the name provided in the shipping address. If you'd like me to address the letters to a different person, please send me this information in a note during the checkout process. If you would like the name on the envelope to be different from the name on the letters, please be sure to let me know this as well. If you are ordering a subscription as a gift for a friend and would like me to include a brief, one-sentence handwritten message from you, you can include that information during the checkout process. 

    Shipping: Shipping for the Letters From The Sea Tower is FREE to all countries. I decided from the very beginning that I wanted to prioritize offering free domestic and international shipping so that the letters would be equally accessible all around the globe. I spent my childhood living overseas and I remember feeling disappointed that so many interesting things were out of reach due to high shipping rates, so I wanted ensure that the letters could be extended to every place. This means that a subscription to the Letters From The Sea Tower is great gift option for your friends all over the world!

    Please note that this listing is for past issues of the letters. If you are looking for the option to subscribe to the current Letters From The Sea Tower on an ongoing basis, check out the subscription listing here

    About The Letters
    The Letters From the Sea Tower are handmade monthly subscription letters that celebrate art and literature and how it matters for the Great Battle of Our Time. My aim in creating each month's letter is to produce a work of art that fills people with courage and creativity and to contribute to the revival of beautiful, meaningful, and unique hard-copy mail. 

    The letters are handwritten and painted by me and then carefully scanned and reprinted in my own home on heavy, archival quality, 100% cotton paper. I personalize them by hand for each recipient and mail them out monthly in an epic old-fashioned envelope with ink stamps and unique postage stamps. The letters are filled with watercolor paintings and sketches, field notes from nature or history or my travels, and illustrated poetry or quotes from my commonplace book. They are designed to be a well of stories and ideas that inspire others to take heart and remember their callings.

    The inspiration for the name of this subscription comes from an essay J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about literary criticism of Beowulf. In his essay, Tolkien tells a little allegorical story about a man who built a tower on his property. His friends and neighbors thought the tower was a waste of valuable material, but they didn’t know that the man had built it in order to be able to see the sea. My hope is that these letters will offer a similar vantage-point as the tower in that story, that in the middle of our often dreary and monotonous lives, they will be a reminder of glory and unseen reality and a fleeting glimpse of “Joy beyond the walls of the world, poignant as grief.” My introductory letter, included as a bonus with every first-time subscription, includes a full-color sea-tower illustration along with the full text of Tolkien's parable that serves as the inspiration for the Letters From The Sea Tower.

    Thank You
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for dropping by this page today and considering a subscription to the Letters From The Sea Tower! There's no way I would be able to continue making the letters each month without the support of subscribers like you, and your subscriptions allow me to give away free letters on a regular basis to people who might not be able to afford them otherwise. I can't thank you enough for making this dream a reality. 

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    Surprise Me: Original Watercolor Travel Sketches
    A limited number of surprise ORIGINAL watercolor travel sketches are available each month and you don't have to be a subscriber of any kind to get them.