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commissions are currently: OPEN 

For the first time in years, I'm opening back up to take a (very limited) number of commissions! Please note that I'm only taking gouache seascape commissions at this time. Read on for details. 

Commissions are back! Seascape commissions, that is. I'm hard at work on my Faces of God book project, but still need to pay some bills in the meantime and would love to do it by bringing your favorite ocean to life in creamy gouache paint varnished to vibrance and mounted to a cradled wooden panel treated with finishing wax and framed in a hardwood floater frame of your choice. 

My commission set-up for 2023 is the culmination of a year of experimentation and innovation in gouache painting. I work with only the highest-end professional materials: Holbein gouache, Arches paper, basswood panels, Golden isolation coats, Winsor & Newton gloss varnish, and Ampersand floater frames in four different finishes. I’m a detail-oriented painter who takes a lot of pride in my work, and I don’t send anything out unless I’m personally delighted with it.

I’m currently open only to seascape commissions, but these can take many forms: I can paint a seaside spot that holds special significance for you or a loved one, either working somewhat closely from a photo you provide or else “remixing” it with elements of fantasy and abstraction. I'm also open to "literary seascape" commissions featuring an ocean from a beloved story. (Please note that I am not currently taking any commissions featuring characters or people.) 

In the photo above, you can see some examples of seascape sketches and paintings I've created over the past year. If you're drawn to a particular one, mention that in your query and let me know what you like about it so I can get a better idea as to what you have in mind for your project. 

Please do remember that what you are ordering is an artistic representation and not a photo-realistic rendering. Deviations, compositional embellishments, and unexpected colors are what give my work its spark and verve! However, if there is a specific mood or color palette that's important for your piece, please do let me know and I will honor that to the best of my ability. 

2023 Commission Prices

All measurements are in inches. Prices include professional framing in an Ampersand hardwood floater frame. Prices do not include shipping charges which will be assessed based on the delivery address you provide in your query.

5x7 Cradled Basswood Panel: $200
6x6 Cradled Basswood Panel: $225
8x10 Cradled Basswood Panel: $350
11x14 Cradled Basswood Panel: $700


All seascape commissions come framed, so please indicate whether you'd like your frame to be black, white, maple, or walnut. You can see examples of the finish options on Ampersand's website

Let's Get Started!

To request a commissioned piece, please reach out to me via the Contact Form with some details about the piece you have in mind. Please indicate your preferred size, framing choice, and shipment address (so I can calculate shipping costs accurately) and let me know if you have any specific stylistic preferences. I'll be in touch soon afterwards with any follow-up questions or else a formal quote and estimated completion time. (This may vary depending on my schedule at the time of your inquiry.) You'll secure your spot with a 50% deposit and the remainder of the payment will be collected upon completion of the piece and prior to shipment. 

Be ready to supply reference photos where applicable. 


All rights to create reproductions of commissioned work remain with me, the artist. I reserve the right to create and sell prints featuring commissioned work. If you'd like to purchase additional rights to the work, don't hesitate to let me know. 

I may not be able to accept all commission requests.