Pieces of Today, January 22nd

#1. Con Que Pagaremos — because oh! How shall we get out of our debt to Love So Immense? And do we even want to? For if one must be in debt, (and we must, musn’t we, if we are to be alive?) well then, isn’t it best to be indebted to Love?

#2. New books of white paper to fill up with colors and inks — because in spite of work and weariness we must hunger after the beautiful and the good.

January Sketches
#3. This, from G.K.C, buried in his delightful musings on Charles Dickens,

Comradeship and serious joy are not interludes in our travel, but rather our travels are interludes in comradeship and joy, which through God shall endure forever. The inn does not point to the road; the road points to the inn. And all roads point at last to an ultimate inn.

Which is the Inn at the End of the World. Not long, now.

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