For The Time Being

I have been working through W.H. Auden’s Complete Poems for several months now. I had almost said I had been enjoying them for several months, but that would not be quite true, as it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve really begun to enjoy them. One opinion I’ve certainly formed is that the man wrote altogether too much and that his memory would have been better off and more appreciated if he’d dropped a few of those scraps into the fire.

However, when he is good he is good he is very good indeed. So with For The Time Being: A Christmas Oratorio. It is likely that I shall write on this at greater length sometime in the future, but probably will save that for a time when Christmas is really on everyone’s mind. After all, what Auden wrote was meant to jar us awake in just such a sleepy, mysterious time as that.

For the time being, I will leave you with a few lines taken from section IV of Advent and strung together into a little mini-series of photographs I’ve snapped in recent days.


4 thoughts on “For The Time Being

  1. I have similar feelings about Yeats. Never read Auden before but may have to give him a try.

    I think you took a wrong turn. You’ve “followed” me but I have no clue as to where I’m going. Good luck.

    And thanks!

    1. Thank you, Sofia. Glad you stopped by!

      As for recommendations, I don’t think reading his complete poems is the best way to go for starters :). There’s just too many, and some are too context-bound to be intelligible. I would guess that a smaller volume of selected works might get you further and would introduce you to some of his most famous pieces. And he does have some quite brilliant ones which I’m sure you will enjoy.

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